What the hell is an X OZOME?


X OZOMEs are sweet, ancient guardians for healing and repairing the body. They appear as a collective of caretakers who respond intuitively and quickly to help balance us in times of disharmony and dis-ease. Together, they act as a protective mechanism by carrying away any dissonant frequencies that manifest both physically and invisibly when faced with external and internal stressors. As an example, X OZOMEs clean up and expel the harmful effects of man-made toxins, electrical waves, air pollution, negative thoughts and chemically-ridden foods, as well as lots of other terrible things that swarm our planet and soil today. Sadly we have, for a long time, been mistaking X OZOMEs and the precious work they do as the attack of outside predators that we must fear, suppress and conquer through further toxic and invasive means.


As we rush forward in to potentially irreversible bondage between human and machine, one technique we can use to collaborate with X OZOMEs in helping them efficiently carry out their important healing work is to imagine or sense tiny golden spirals of light moving through every cell, washing away any unwanted or negative juju. You don't have to think about it too hard, just gently holding the intention in your mind is enough. We can do this at any time of the day, while walking, exercising, eating, meditating, making love - the more the better! After a while you might even feel pleasant tingling or waves of energy ripple through your body the more you connect and make habit with this practice! If imagining spirals make you dizzy, you can replace them with motherflies like the ones you see on this page or anything else that feels good to you.


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